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Helpful tips & tricks to help you navigate the home selling process

Selling is Complicated. I Know How to Simplify.

I understand that selling your home can seem like an overwhelming task. How to price? Where to promote? What happens after I get an offer? What forms and contracts do I use?
As part of working with me, you get to sit back and let me take care of all of it. You are the final decision maker. I provide you with the information necessary to make those decisions easier than if you were on your own or with another agent. You are kept in the loop through constant communication. From start to finish I am there to help answer questions and make sure this process is as smooth as possible.


Our sales price vs. list price exceeds market averages.


We sell homes faster than the market average.


We are a team of full-time and highly trained agents.


Proudly maintaining our reputation for excellence.



Every component of a marketing strategy results in a moment of truth about the quality of your home – and presenting your home to the world is not a responsibility we take lightly. It’s important, so we take no chances. Our marketing program is designed to both cast a wide net for maximum exposure of your property, as well as to narrow in on specific, targeted demographics of potential buyers.
Rather than focusing on a singular strategy – we cover all of the angles taking into account People, Product, and Technology. Bringing these components together results in a comprehensive and integrated marketing program that shares with potential buyers the unique story your home has to tell.


Pricing your home correctly at the start is a critical factor in getting your home sold. Considerations for a pricing strategy include determining accurate market value to generate higher buyer interest, capitalizing on higher levels of activity when the property is new to the market, and viewing the home through the lens of the buyers.
Location, market age, condition, improvements, and the neighborhood are all factors to consider.


Attorney Review:
Usually 5 business days. We work closely with your attorney to make sure you are protected within the signed contract.
Inspection Contingency:
We assist the attorney in handling any negotiations that surface from the buyer’s home inspection. Communication is key and jgR agents know who to talk to, what to say and when to say it. You are in good hands.
Getting a home to appraise with your buyers bank is not always easy. Unique properties or markets experiencing rapid price increases can sometimes be tricky. jgR agents meet the appraiser at the home to provide comps, treat them with respect and help them understand our local markets. A crucial step to ensure a smooth transaction from contract to closing.
Mortgage Contingency:
We stay in constant contact with your buyer’s lender. We offer help and look for weekly updates until we hear the magic words: Clear To Close.
Final Walkthrough & Closing:
From contract to close, john greene Realtors are trained to be with you until the end. We coordinate the final walkthrough and monitor the closing to make sure everything ends on a high note.

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