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Buying a Home is a Big Deal. I Take It Seriously.

When you are making the biggest investment you’ll ever make, when you are deciding on the thing where you will make your biggest memories and all that goes with that, it is a big deal.  We understand that, and we take it seriously.  Our job is to pave the way on this exciting journey for you to make confident decisions and cross the finish line. Your john greene agent will assist you throughout the search, comparing homes sold, making an offer, and managing the inspection, repair, and appraisal processes, as well as help you find the best value, neighborhood, and quality for your budget and requirements. We will guide you through every step of your search to help you find the perfect home, and will work to make the process of purchasing your home seamless, providing guidance and resources throughout the transaction to closing and beyond.

  Select a john greene agent

Your real estate professional should be an expert in the area where you want to live and be familiar with the type of home you want to buy.  Your john greene agent will be knowledgeable and professional and will use their experience to offer the best advice on homes in your price range.


  Understand your budget

Your lender will look at your current financial situation as well as the type of loan you choose.  Another factor that impacts how much home you can buy is the down payment; smaller down payments mean higher monthly payments.  Last, the interest rate and terms (30-year, fixed, or adjustable rate) will determine what you can afford in monthly payments.  If you are not already working with a lender, our team can provide recommendations for you.


  Create your wish list

We will work with you to evaluate your wants and needs in a home, making a list of must-have features to narrow our search.  We will pay special attention to where you want to live, the lifestyle you are seeking, how many bedrooms and baths you'll need and other important details in identifying possible fits for you.


  View properties

Your john greene agent will preview the current inventory of homes that matches your criteria and will recommend the best fits for you to view.  We’ll make sure you see all the properties that best match your search criteria.  We will work with you to narrow it down to the home best suits the activities and needs of your household now and in the years ahead.


  Make an offer

When you find the home that you fall in love with, your john greene agent will prepare a market analysis to help you determine a fair price to offer on the home - considering factors such as condition, how long the home has been on the market, location, seller's motivation, and recent comparable sales.  Your agent will have the details covered including preparing a contract, presenting your offer, explaining your options, and negotiating for you.


  Get an inspection

A home inspection is a professional third party opinion of the home's condition.  The inspector will point out the age of systems, and large and small repairs that are needed, so you'll know what you are facing as the next owner.


  Get an appraisal

The bank appraisal determines market value for determining loan value.  If the home doesn't appraise for the purchase price, the bank will refuse to make the loan unless you renegotiate with the seller or bring cash to the closing.  If it appraises, the lender will move towards closing.


  Go to closing

Your john greene agent will guide you through all the important legal documents and closing events to make sure everything goes smoothly. When you work with a john greene agent, you can be confident we will be with you all the way across the finish line when you get your keys to your new home.

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